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A Helping Hand in a Time of Uncertainty: Counseling Office Check-ins
Timothy George

New life during the pandemic can be stressful! Sometimes students just need a place where they can talk about their problems and have somebody listen to them. The Counseling Center is indeed that place.

For many years, the Counseling Center has been providing students with emotional support as they navigate through their years at Baylor. However, this is the first time that the Counseling Center has encountered a situation quite like this. Even though Baylor has transitioned to distance learning, the Counseling Center is still providing support to students in these weird times.

In an email to the students, Kathy Fraley, the director of counseling, says, “We wanted to reach out and say hello and remind you that we are here to support you.” For this reason, they have been sending these check-in forms for students who have been struggling. These forms are designed for students to enter in any issues that they may be dealing with ranging from anxiety to just feeling lonely or bored.  But that’s not all. The forms also ask about how distance learning is going for students and how it is affecting them.  It asks about what activities or schoolwork that the students will be doing that day. Finally, the form advises the students to tell others about their problems whether it be teachers or parents, and it asks the students who else they would want to get in touch with.

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