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Verve's Annual Emerging Choreographer's Showcase
Maxime Werk

​Vervé’s annual Emerging Choreographers’ Showcase on Thursday, Nov. 7, featured four pieces choreographed by four talented dancers and was a great success.

The dance performances included "Discomposure," by Maxime Werk ‘20; "Alchemy." by Zoe Ubamadu ‘20; "Crucify Me," by Mary Alex Bachus ‘21; and "Set Free," by Kendyl Baker ‘22. In addition to the student choreographies, the Baylor Dance Collective, a group of Baylor alumni dancers, also contributed a beautiful piece performed by Brie Timmons.

The dancers introduced their own choreographies and gave the audience a unique insight into the intention behind each piece. Another interesting aspect of this performance is that the student pieces were adjudicated by anonymous local dancers or choreographers. This allows for the choreographers to receive feedback, as well as decide which pieces go forward to the winter season Vervé performance.

​A special part of this year’s performance was that two of the pieces featured, "Discomposure" and "Crucify Me," were entered in a choreography competition at the Tennessee Association of Dance Festival in late September. The two pieces were performed along with nine other student choreographies for everyone at the festival and reviewed by adjudicators. After the performance, the Werk and Bachus, attended a feedback session with the other choreographers who entered the competition. The feedback session was incredibly helpful to them in the continuing process of developing their pieces after returning home from the festival.

​NOTE: If you weren’t able to make it out to this performance, don’t worry! You still have the opportunity to see these pieces performed at Vervé Jan. 29- Feb. 1. And to stay up to date on the latest dance news and updates, follow @baylor_dance on Instagram!

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