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Traditions in Trying Times
Nick Skonberg

In times where it feels like everything has been flipped on it's head, a little bit of normalcy can lift the spirits of us all.

Our little bit of normalcy in the Baylor community comes in the form of two Baylor traditions, senior speeches and RAGTAILS,which are now being brought to us in the safety of our homes. The students and faculty have come together to bring these traditions virtually. I spoke with Patrick Russell '22 about his experience performing in RAGTAILS virtually.  When asked about carrying on traditions during trying times, Russell said, “It boosts moral and gives us a sense of normalcy.”

I also spoke with Seth Johnson ’20 about his experience recording his senior speech.  “Everyone has something to say no matter your experience or past and I didn’t want to leave Baylor without everyone hearing what I had to say,” he said.  “I wanted to say goodbye and seize my unique opportunity to address the whole school.”

Both Russell and Johnson said the performances did not come about without problems. They both mentioned complications with filming and sound. They also mentioned the lack of audience feedback which can boost performances.

Kara Anne Smith ’22 has not yet presented her virtual RAGTAILS performance, yet she gave some insight into possible advantages to come from performing virtually.  “The new experience I think I will take out of this is probably finding out how to record a quality sound with the resources I have.”

Through any complications or newfound advantages our peers have faced to bring us these performances, I know that they have boosted the morale of our community in many ways. Normalcy is something we all crave in our current state, a chance to feel whole again and connect with our peers. RAGTAILS, even virtually, is the opportunity to share music and talent with the Baylor community and music connects us in immeasurable ways and helps us feel connected to the world around us.

Check out senior Cannon Hunt's RAGTAILS performance below.

Senior speeches are also as important now as ever. It is a chance to hear from Baylor Students about who they are and who they want to be, and they leave us with many new thoughts and insights. I am incredibly proud of our community for coming together in even the scariest of times and for sharing their ideas and talents to unite us.

So, stay tuned every Friday for a new Senior Speech and RAGTAILS performance, and make sure to stay home. If we all stay home and practice social distancing, we will be safely together as a community in no time. 


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