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The Winter Players: a Rundown
Nick Skonberg

Every year, the Baylor Winter Players rehearse and perform two one-act children’s plays that they then take to the community service sites and in the dining hall for everyone in the Baylor community.

The plays are short with crazy characters, funny stories, and meaningful messages and always make the children smile. This year they performed "Charming Princes", which is a fresh take on the Cinderella story that challenges the audience to consider the messages and meanings in the original fairy tale. They also performed "Nathan the Nervous," a funny tale about a nervous king, his overbearing mother, and more of the crazy members of the kingdom.

On top of these two shows, they also did a live read through in their dining hall performance of a brand-new play written by Zoe Xu ’21. The play, "To the Moon," is the story of a girl who finds out she is the long-lost heir to a space royalty family. The characters are all unique and were read by this year’s Winter Players.

The thing that makes these shows so special is that the line between what’s real and what’s not is blurred when children see the shows and it makes for some really sweet and sometimes funny interactions between the actors and the kids. "For some of these kids this could be their first play and that’s special,” said Beth Gumnick, director of "Nathan the Nervous" and head of upper school theater.

As one of the Winter Players, I can tell you firsthand that performing these shows for the kids is special and is a prime example of Baylor’s mission statement of making a positive difference in the world.

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