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The Return of the Drive-In Movie
Nick Skonberg

With the safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fate of the film industry was uncertain. Movie theaters worldwide have been shut down, closed, and empty in the months of quarantine. However, people have found an alternative way to see movies in the form of a classic viewing style, the drive-in theater.

Dating back all the way to the 1910s and being most popular in the 1950s, the drive-in theater is an iconic piece of cinematic history. Moviegoers would drive their cars into a designated spot and there would be a large screen ahead of them showing a film or even a double feature. They were a popular spot for friends to hang out, families to reconnect, and people to go on dates. Now roughly 70 years later, they once again thrive. Drive in theaters around the country have had a spike in revenue during this pandemic. It is a safe and socially distanced night of entertainment where we can get back to one of our favorite things, watching movies.

Because many film studios have delayed filming and releasing their films for the year, the drive-in theaters have settled on showing classic films instead. If you want to support a local drive in, there is one called Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater in Trenton, GA. I have not personally been, but my sister went and said “it was a fantastic experience.” So once again, the ingenuity and creativity of people has come through in these trying times to bring back an old classic.

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