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The Baylor Players: Sherlock Holmes
Patrick Russell

It’s the spring season, and with it comes a new play! The Baylor Players are putting on a collection of one-acts based on the Sherlock Holmes novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, and rehearsals are already underway. 

This spring’s play will differ from the fall play, as the state of the pandemic has improved, and the players will finally get the opportunity to perform on an outdoor stage. While it would be preferable to perform on the Roddy stage, the players are still very excited to perform a play in a more traditional format. The cast will rotate the two central characters, Sherlock and Watson, between each one-act as to give every player an equal opportunity to have the spotlight. 

This performance is emotional for many, as it is the last opportunity to perform at Baylor for many of the players who will be graduating in May. Nick Skonberg ‘21 expressed his feelings on leaving, saying, “[Leaving] is a bittersweet feeling” and that “the players have become a home to [him],” but that he is excited to “continue [his] passion for acting next year in New York City.” Skonberg was recently accepted into NYU Tisch and will be furthering his education majoring in acting. To any students considering participating in theater next year Nick offers this advice: “Do it. Honestly, it can seem intimidating to try new things and go out of your comfort zone, but the players could not be a better place to start. We really are a family here in Roddy. Everyone looks out for each other and we are all in it together.” 

The players can always use more people involved and echo Skonberg’s advice. It is important to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities available at Baylor. In the meantime, come to the performances of Sherlock Holmes on May 1st and 2nd to see what the players have been up to this spring!

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