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Taraloka Trivia Night Raises Money for Happiness Home
Anika Iqbal

Eastern religion instructor and Walkabout leader Tim Williams started the Taraloka Foundation in 2012 to provide support to what is now over 30 young girls in the Sikkim Happiness Home in Northeast India.

The foundation focuses on providing clothing, food, housing, medical coverage, education, and new opportunities to the girls who live there. On Monday, May 6, seniors Maddie Reap and Zach Taylor hosted this school year’s Taraloka Trivia Night on behalf of the organization. All proceeds from tickets and merchandise went directly to the Taraloka Foundation, and with the help of Baylor’s community, more than $1,400 was raised to donate to the home.

It’s not until I do anything trivia-related that I realize how much general knowledge I unfortunately lack, but with the added bonuses of being surrounded by friends and knowing that the proceeds went to an incredible cause personal to Baylor, I think everyone had an amazing time. Taraloka Trivia Night provides an opportunity for people to assemble their own teams of peers, test their knowledge, and possibly win prizes. Congratulations to the wrestling team, who garnered this year’s winning prize.

I have no idea how people knew that R.A.G.T.A.I.L.S. stands for Red & Grey Talent & International Lampoon Show. It’s pretty wild knowing now that Russia once traded the U.S. 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer for three billion dollars’ worth of Pepsi. Ultimately, all teams went home that Monday night having learned a myriad of interesting facts and having contributed to a wonderful organization. Everyone is encouraged to support the Taraloka Foundation, and join us again for trivia night next year.

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