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Summer 2021 Art Camps
Marshall McGahey

Baylor’s 2021 summer art camps helped foster individuality in campers while promoting teamwork and kindness. Hannah Winchester ‘23, a camp counselor who ran the art classes at day camp, says that she had “never seen so many smiling faces” while making slime with her day camp group. Winchester recalls campers frantically helping their peers finish their crafts at the end of class and expressed that seeing the campers work together was the “best experience.”

Art classes at day camp gave campers a chance to relax during high-activity days. Winchester remembers playing movies for campers while asking them to draw in order to give them respite during a busy day. Campers also got the chance to request songs to be played, and there were multiple “dance parties” that allowed campers to release all of their energy during class.

Winchester says the most difficult part of camp was getting the kids to clean up — but, even then, campers were amiable and willing to help each other. Each Thursday and Friday were tie-dye days, and campers had the opportunity to tie-dye their own shirt. According to Winchester, the campers were very supportive of each other and would compliment each other’s shirts. Art camp gave young campers a supportive environment while also cultivating a love of art in young people.

However, art classes at day camp were not the only opportunities to be creative at Baylor this summer: there were various enrichment camps such as theatre, creative writing, and pottery. These camps allowed people of all ages to have fun this summer in an innovative, friendly setting.

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