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Review: A Look Inside of Vervé 2020
Maxime Werk

As a seven-year dancer in Vervé, I could honestly say this year’s show was one of the greatest in a long time. Each show had many more viewers than in past years, and as a senior and president of the company, I felt so much pride in my program. This show was different than in past years for many reasons, including new officers (president, vice president, public relations and social chairs), new teachers and guest choreographers, and new co-directors

Our Vervé officers this year went above and beyond what was required of them and did a fantastic job in each of their roles, including the creation of a “hype” video, which was shown in Chapel to announce the shows to the upper school, multiple announcements in assembly, and maintained the Baylor Dance Instagram page (@baylor_dance).  All of the officers played a helpful role in motivating and exciting the dancers and future audience member. 

This year, Dani Clark was introduced to the Baylor Dance program as a ballet teacher, and she also choreographed a piece featured in the show. Not only did her teaching improve the technique of the dancers, but her piece also exposed her dancers to new choreography from an outside source. In addition to Clark, we also hosted Morgan Forster and Louie Marin-Howard as guest choreographers in this year’s show. Their pieces helped diversify the performances and the dancer’s experiences. 

Our new co-directors, Margaret Harman '14 and Elizabeth Roemer '05, did a fantastic job for their first ever Vervé as directors. The show ran smoothly every night, and Harman and Roemer made the Baylor Dance program proud by putting on a wonderful show. In addition to organizing everything that goes with putting on Vervé, they both choreographed pieces. From a dancer’s point of view, the amount of work they did, and the fact that they did it all gracefully, is striking. All of the dancers were so proud to watch them grow and feel inspired this year and smile while completing an immense amount of work. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have been dancing with Baylor since I was in sixth grade. I can honestly say that shows were packed like I had never seen before. Additionally, I have never received as many compliments on the show as I did this year. The last thing that made this year’s show so great was the group of dancers. This year’s dancers not only had a wonderful amount of dance, but they also had a group dynamic that was incredibly inclusive, energetic and loving. And that is what truly made this year’s Vervé special. Serving as president was a true dream come true for me, and I feel so much pride in the company that it makes me sad to leave it behind when I graduate. I am forever grateful to have been a part of Vervé and thank all who have made this company and this show amazing.

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