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Poetry Out Loud 2020
Alexa McCarren

On Tuesday, Feb. 4, the Class of 2021 gathered in Alumni Chapel to listen to 11 juniors recite their selection for the annual Poetry Out Loud contest.

Three winners were picked— first place was Molly Stanfield, second went to Rosa Anderson Barrera, and third place was Holland Moss. Stanfield will go on to represent Baylor at the state competition in Nashville on March 14 at the Tennessee State Museum.

Poetry Out Loud is an honored, free, nationwide program that around 14,000 schools partake in. The program began in 2005 and over 3.6 million students have contributed. Poetry Out Loud has helped students with their public speaking skills, build their confidence as well as their memorization skills. This program has helped many in their daily lives and will help their futures.

Anyone from grades 9-12 can participate and may eventually go on to win monetary prizes at the national contest. At Baylor, the junior class annually partakes in this poetry recitation contest. Each student is required to pick a poem that is more than 20 lines and written by an American poet. They then have to recite it for their class who then votes on their favorite. The student with the most votes from their class moves on to the grade wide competition.

The winners provided a sense of intrigue to their performance and made the audience feel embraced in their passion for their poem and were well deserving of their awards. 

The top three winners (pictured above): Molly Stanfield (1st) with Rosa Anderson-Barrera (2nd) and Holland Moss (3rd) 


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