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Orchestra and Band Concert
Orly Berke

When the new school year started it was clear that the performing arts would have to adapt, but as a testament to the resilience of music, the Baylor School Band and Orchestra are planning a combined concert.

On Wednesday, May 12th at 6:30 pm, the Band and Orchestra will gather at the lower fields and are planning to perform a variety of pieces, ranging from movie and TV soundtracks to pieces specifically commissioned for the Baylor musicians. Mae Weiss, the Band Director, is particularly excited for the final piece of the concert: Warrior Legacy by Soon Hee Newbold, “a powerful, fun, and exciting piece” that will be performed by both the Middle and Upper School Bands and Orchestras. Look for an announcement to be made in assembly when this is finalized.

In preparation for this concert, many changes had to be made to rehearsals. Most rehearsals moved outside and were social-distanced. The band had to place MERV 13 air filters over their instruments, which made it harder to hear other sections. “All of the students have done an amazing job adapting to these new situations” Mrs. Weiss commented, “While there are days when outdoor rehearsal can be pleasant, we are all looking forward to the day we can play indoors and actually hear each other once again!”

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