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Modern Womxn Pop-Up Show In Review
Ava Echard

In the midst of corona, local artists continue to adapt to find new ways to display their work, whether in person or online.

One example was the Modern Womxn pop-up show the weekend of Nov. 7 -8, organized by GPS senior Emma Dexter through the Fletcher Bright Fellowship for Artistic and Community engagement. The program offered an award to a senior who commits to an application and presentation process and presents their proposal to a panel. Dexter’s proposal was to exhibit the work of female artists about femininity in the modern age to the public at the À.V.A. gallery space on Frazier.

I had not only the honor of showing my work in the gallery show, but also of attending on the weekend of the 7th and the 8th. While I was the only Baylor student who presented work, the work of GPS and Signal Mtn. students and alums was also shown, as well as the work of established artists in the Chattanooga community and beyond. The pieces were organized through careful curation to achieve the mission statement of “examining as women where we have been and where we are going” through an intersectional lens. The pieces did so by examining topics like sexual harassment, marriage, self image, and the female form through mixed medium.

I was really honored to be a part of this exhibit because it showed a snapshot of the multi-faceted aspects of being a woman and an artist at a time of international strife. Many of the pieces, my own included, came out of the inspiration of quarantine and isolation. It also showed how the arts never falter in importance in times of crisis, but rather stand as a testament to the power of struggle and personal experience.

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