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Meet Baylor’s New Orchestra Director, Ben Sposet
Owen McDaniel

Welcome to Baylor, Ben Sposet!

As Baylor’s new director of orchestra, Sposet will be taking on the job of continuing the school’s excellent orchestra program for both the Upper School and Middle School. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Sposet graduated from Vanderbilt University, where he studied the double bass and musical education, as well as completed classes with a variety of teachers, exposing him to many other styles of art and music.

Having recently taken residence in Chattanooga, Sposet is looking forward to upholding Baylor’s tradition of musical excellence. When asked why he decided to come to Baylor, Sposet says, “I had been to a few other schools recently, but I was taken aback by how motivated and eager to learn the students were. That is no small feat, and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to teach at a place like this.”

Alongside his direction of the Baylor orchestra, Sposet shared that we should expect “great things” from the orchestra in the coming school year, featuring both new takes on old pieces and some that have yet to be heard at all. In addition to his position as the new director, Sposet will also be teaching after-school music and is excited at the possible opportunities that could arise from that. He will also be helping out with Baylor’s musical, an event he says he is “certainly looking forward to, as it’s always been one of my greatest joys to work with the musicians in a pit orchestra.”

With the task of maintaining the high caliber of skill and excellence displayed in Baylor’s orchestra ahead of him, we wish him the best of luck in his teaching endeavors this school year and beyond!

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