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Last Chance Dance
Nick Skonberg

This spring, the Baylor Upper School and Middle School dancers are working together to bring  to you Last Chance Dance.

Last Chance Dance is a collection of student and teacher choreographed dances and will take place on Thursday, April 29th at 6:00pm in the Quad. I spoke with Elizabeth Roemer, who, along with Margaret Harman, is the director of Baylor Dance and helped choreograph pieces for the show. When asked how following Covid-19 safety guidelines has impacted their show and choreographing the pieces, she said, “The main differences our dancers have experienced this year are having to wear a mask while dancing and maintaining appropriate distancing by staying in their “box” as marked by taped on the studio floor.” She also mentioned they have had to work around partner-based pieces and steer away from weight sharing in the choreography, but that this challenge has allowed for new artistic creativity in the ways of depicting physical connection through dance.

I also spoke with Mary Alex Bachus ’21, who along with Frances Brantley ‘21, Lacy Creswell ‘23, and Maggie Tansor ’25, is a student choreographer for the show. When asked about how she was able to fulfill her artistic ideas while still hindered by social distancing protocols, she said that “Through the Covid guidelines, I have learned the beauty of simplicity.” And that with this new way of viewing choreography she has learned to focus on the concept of her piece and not solely the movement. Bachus is intending to dance in college next year at the University of South Florida, and when asked about how it feels  to be in her final show with Baylor Dance after seven years, she says “I am honored to have been  the president for my last season and I am nostalgic, grateful and reminiscent of my time here.”

So make sure you all come out and show the Baylor Dance program some support on April 29th in the quad at 6:00 p.m. and see an amazing show!


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