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Final AP Art Portfolios
Molly Stanfield

As we count down the days till the portfolio submission deadline of May 18th, the AP Studio Art class works tirelessly to complete their remaining artworks. Each day, the art students arrive and quickly set off the work. The room is silent, aside from the faint sounds of paintbrushes hitting water and the thick smell of oil on canvas and burning plastic (courtesy of Frances Brantley's use of recycled materials) filling the room. Each day, the classroom grows quieter and quieter as we diligently work to wrap up the year's work.

Just as the school year comes to a close, so do the highly anticipated AP Studio Art portfolios. At the beginning of the school year, Ms. Betsy Carmichael tasked each student with producing 15 artworks relevant to their sustained investigation, an artistic endeavor of their choosing. While most of the class currently has over half of their pieces finished, we still have a decent amount of work ahead of us before we can rest easy. I have to complete five more pieces in the next 30 days, a feat I'm still wondering how I will accomplish. Though this task may seem onerous, it is quite the opposite. With AP exams fast approaching and the end of the year events passing by, art class provides a welcome escape from the intimidating realm of seemingly unending assignments. For one hour per day, we get the opportunity to quiet the outside world and create art.

After months of exploration into a wide variety of topics, we have finally been able to see what has been brewing in our classmates' minds the past few months. I've watched as Ava Echard '21 deconstructs societal structures through expressionistic watercolor and Lily Fridl '22 employs oil paint to convey the transitory nature of time. I have even expanded my concentration and have been trying out different styles. 

Although we still have a ways to go before finishing our portfolios, my AP Studio Art classmates and I remain on track to complete many incredible pieces of art.

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