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Fall Play In Review
Ellis Coffelt

The Baylor Players adapted several plays or student-written pieces for an outdoor viewing called All The World’s A Stage.

There were stations with minimalist outdoor sets for each scene. Scenes were viewed in a rotation, with each audience member placed in a small group which traveled from set to set, going inside only to view a video compilation of monologues and a short film trailer by Jack Smith '22. Patrick Russel '22 and Kara Anne Smith '22 also wrote masterful adaptations of scenes from the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, which were performed along with other scenes.

Nick Skonberg '22, a Baylor Player and member of the honor council, was excited about the opportunity to put on a show amidst current chaos. He was given a chance to play Hamlet alongside May Bankston '22 who played Ophelia. “Working with these classic texts and adapting them thematically to different eras was really interesting and shows how timeless and impactful those works are," explained Skonberg. "This show was also special because it showed just how resilient the people in the arts have been this year. Working to bring theatre in a time where it has been lacking and bringing these stories to people in these dark times was truly special. We really had to work at making sure the pieces felt authentic and true while still keeping the actors safe as well as the audience and tech crew. It was a change from last year’s Pride and Prejudice on the main stage, but it was similar in the way it provided a chance to perform scripts with more complex language from earlier centuries."

It was refreshing to see these thespians step into leading roles for each skit. As Mary Margaret Bender '24  said in one of the post-show interviews, “everyone had lines.” Each actor was given the chance to play a leading role and step into their characters in a deeper way.

The Baylor Players should be proud to have accomplished such a feat in the middle of a pandemic. Stay tuned for what may be coming to the stage (or quad?) this spring!

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