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Fall Play Fanatics
Mavis Wang

The after-school activities at Baylor play a major role in students’ lives, and the fall play is one of the numerous interesting activities offered at Baylor that is influential to a lot of people.

It is not only about actresses and actors on the stage performing, it is about collaboration with a lot of other students and teachers. “Stage managers, lighting groups, soundtrack groups, props providers, dressers, dressmakers, carpenters, directors, other players, and photographers work as a big team to support each other, and that is one of the reasons why I love being a part of this.  Although there is the impact of COVID-19, we will still try to seek for perfection.”

I joined the after-school plays when I was still a freshman. Beth Gumnick, then the fine arts department chair, and Garett Walsh, the theater technical director, both helped me in acting and props making. I really had a lot of fun.  

Just as any sport, the play requires effort and devotion. I remember doing several rehearsals that lasted until 6 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. However, when I see my friends and family members sitting there watching my performance, it is all worth it. You really feel a sense of achievement.

I strongly recommend both new students and returning students to join the Baylor Players either as actors or actresses who will shine on the stage or as technical crew members, who are essential to the performance.

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