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Baylor Virtuosi Ensemble
Connie Ni

The Baylor Virtuosi Ensemble, a selective strings group started by orchestra instructor Christine Lau ‘14, began over three years ago in 2017. With strict audition requirements consisting of a difficult excerpt and scales, only the best of Baylor’s orchestra make it into the ensemble. Lau was motivated by her desire to provide more opportunities to the students of the Baylor Orchestra and created this new group for them.

Current member Ibilola Esho ‘22 remarks on how Virtuosi has pushed her. She says, “It pushes my skill, my endurance, and my capacity to produce music far more beautiful than I ever thought possible. I have loved spending time with other members, building fond memories over trips, and bonding over Dvorak and First Watch. I can't wait to see what more Ms. Lau has in store for us.”

Katherine Chen ‘22 maintains similar sentiments, saying, “Virtuosi is a good opportunity to play pieces you normally wouldn’t in Orchestra with other really talented people. It’s really fun to watch everything come together and to play for other people in places like nursing homes and Christmas events at the mall.”

Ella Webb ‘22 is currently in the process of auditioning for a spot in the ensemble and working on her excerpt.

Other members include Barry Yang ‘21, Alyssa Kim ‘21, Elisabeth Lau ‘21, Zoe Hardnett ‘21, Jenny Liu ‘22, Connie Ni ‘22, Valerie Davis ‘23, and Georgia Johnson ‘23.

The group is currently working on two pieces: String Quartet in F major “The American” by A. Dvorak and Summer by Antonio Vivaldi. In a normal year, the group would have taken to performing at various venues and nursing homes but has taken a hiatus on such activities due to COVID-19. However, they are planning to perform soon, so keep your eyes (and ears) open!

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