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Baylor Players Set to Unveil Musical
Jenna Azzouz

Baylor Theater Director Beth Gumnick and the Baylor Players will present Once Upon A Mattress, May 1-5  in Roddy Theater.

In this musical comedy by Marshall Barer, Jay Thompson, and Dean Fuller, Queen Aggravian (Lexie Edwards/Sydney Anne Sutherland), in an attempt to keep her son single, decrees that nobody else in the kingdom may marry until Prince Dauntless (Max Montague) finds a bride that can pass the Queen’s impassable test. Caught in a sticky situation themselves, Dauntless’ brother Sir Harry (Riley Grove) and his girlfriend Lady Larken (Sam Crouse/Jonyca Jiao) scramble to find Dauntless a bride that the Queen will approve of. They finally believe they have found the one, Princess Winnifred (Peyton Randolph/Sophie Wisenbaker), but will she be able to pass the Queen’s tests?

I spoke with one of the leads, senior Sophie Wisenbaker (Princess Winnifred), and asked her about the development of the show so far. Wisenbaker, who has worked on two other musicals at Baylor, says that the cast and crew really like the show and each other, so rehearsal has been very fun and enjoyable so far. In terms of the cast, Wisenbaker expressed that “there are a good number of people who I’ve never worked on a show with in the cast, so it’s also interesting to see how new creative forces play into our ensemble dynamic.”

As a Baylor Player veteran myself, I have snuck in to watch a few rehearsals from the costume shop, and I agree with Wisenbaker; the cast has a lot of fun with the music and the energy that they give and receive from each other is electric.

Once Upon A Mattress will run from Wednesday, May 1 through Saturday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, May 5 at 2:30 p.m.

Come enjoy the show this May to see what your fellow classmates dedicate so much time and hard work to!

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