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Baylor Dance: Vervé 2021
Connie Ni

The continued presence of COVID-19 in our lives have undoubtedly altered our high school years. However, despite the changes, the Baylor community has continued to adapt and persevere in these times. The after school dance program at the school, Baylor Concert Dance, has also evolved, but it still continues to be a place for the dancers to let their creativity flow. 

Heading into the winter season would have traditionally been Baylor Dance’s busiest season— the dancers put in additional hours after class in rehearsals to perfect routines, student and professional pieces alike, that will be showcased in the program’s biggest performance: Vervé. However, things had to look a little different this year. While Elizabeth Roemer ‘05, company director of Vervè, and Margaret Harman ‘14, artistic director, had hoped that performances and showcases would return to normal by the 2020-2021 school year, they did prepare for the worst case scenario and were ready to deliver a COVID-friendly Vervé 2021 if needed. 

The dancers spent “most of [this] season learning short little combinations” and eventually started to bring them up to the Scotty Probasco Academic Center “to set them on the space" to film them, as explained by Frances Brantley ‘21. There was a learning curve as the dancers got used to the new space, but everything turned out extremely well for the video. Brantley remarked: “I always thought the PAC looked like a scene out of High School Musical, so getting to dance around the atrium allowed me to live out my dream and was a delightful change in scenery for all the dancers!”

Check out the links below to watch both middle and upper school’s performance.

Middle School: Collective - Verve' Dance Performance, January 2021

Upper School: Within - Verve' Dance Performance, January 2021

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