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An Inside Look At The Play Process
Patrick Russell

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to how we exist, but those in the Baylor community who enjoy the arts can rejoice in the fact that the annual fall play was able to happen, albeit in a new and different form.

The play, titled All the World’s a Stage after the Shakespearian monologue of the same name, featured a collection of scenes, monologues, and even a short film to produce a show for a socially distant and safe audience. The first act contained scenes from famous classical plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Hamlet, while the second act showcased several student written works.

Upon arriving at the Roddy Theater, audience members were assigned groups and then rotated between scenes with their group to enforce social distancing. All live performances were held in various locations outdoors, whereas the filmed sections were held inside. The first act consisted of five parts and upon the conclusion of the first act, there was a fifteen minute intermission in which the cast members prepared for the second act. The second act followed the same format, but with different scenes being performed.

As a precautionary measure every scene was filmed several times as the cast members progressed in learning lines to prevent an entire loss of opportunity to hold some form of a performance. These recordings ended with a complete filming of each scene for those who were unable to attend the live performance. You can see it here.

This year’s fall play was a learning experience for everyone involved for everyone involved. This strange new world we find ourselves in is one of unfamiliarity and everyone has had to roll with every new change. Hopefully the players can continue to put on plays even in this time and for a long time to come. 

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