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All-State Orchestra Concert
Lucy Good

As the spring semester ramps up to its conclusion, Baylor students are busy with rapidly approaching exams, rival spring sports matches, and the last weeks of school before summer. Meanwhile, four of Baylor’s top musicians have been preparing rigorously for the Tennessee All-State Orchestra Concert.

Tennessee Music Education Association annually selects the state’s top choir, band, symphony orchestra, and concert orchestra members to come together, practice, and perform a concert. This year, the All-State symphony orchestra featured Alyssa Kim ‘21, Katharine Chen ‘22, and Barry Yang ‘21 on the violin, and Jenny Liu ‘22 on the viola. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the musicians couldn’t physically come together and play this year, but they were able to attend a virtual clinic which featured guest speakers. 

Even though the All-State musicians were not able to play together, the preparation required for auditions was just as strenuous. Auditions were to be sent in as videos instead of performed in front of live judges as they usually are. Jenny Liu ‘22, the All-State 4th chair violist, described the process as being very “tedious.” Two months prior to the audition deadline, Liu began her preparation, where she “started out with the notes, next intonation, then the rhythm, then dynamics, and then the little details.” Additionally, the audition piece this year was very fast tempo, requiring a practiced build-up of pace. She worked tirelessly, as did the others, to make sure her piece was perfect and demonstrated her practiced skills as a violist. 

Liu acknowledged that the key to being a member of any orchestra, especially one with members from all over the state is “cooperation and focus.” In achieving this recognition, these four Baylor students have modeled their dedication and collaboration to their practice, resulting in a rewarding honor. Congratulations to these four members of Baylor’s Orchestra for their hard work and great success. 


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