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A Trip Around the World: Baylor's Global Scholars Symposium
Ava Greer Allan

The Global Scholars symposium took place on April 20 in Scotty Probasco Academic Center in order to showcase junior and senior Global Scholars projects.

The program springs directly from Baylor School’s mission to “foster in students both the ability and desire to make a positive difference in the world.” Students have the opportunity to take their knowledge from their global curriculum offerings and disperse those skills in different parts of the world in order to interact with international students and destinations.

What is a positive difference? As students design their projects, they think about what positive difference they are putting out in the world. It is define

Each student’s desire to develop an intricate project that allows them to break out of the U.S. news and culture and learn about new topics around the world is shown through their actions. Their learning appears through the lens of their international interactions, while optimism is shown through Baylor School.

Dignity, however, is given to them by Baylor, which shows how Baylor truly is making the world a better place. For school, for the workforce, and most importantly, the development of exploring different cultures in order to achieve a positive difference.

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