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Searching For the Sublime
Elodie Nix

Senior staff writer Elodie Nix shares her first-hand experience from a summer travel opportunity new to Baylor students this year: exploring the sublime from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in and around the Swiss Alps of Europe. From lofty summits to purloined luggage to ice thrones, read all about this grand adventure!

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Green Spaces Initiative Restores Heart of Campus
Maggie Clark

Eagle-eyed students may have noticed a few changes around campus last spring: plant beds popping up along the entrance road, bushes of pink and red flora scattered in front of dorms, and perhaps a massive pit where our asphalt heart of campus once sat: the Quad! Fear not—the pit will soon be replaced with the crown jewel of the new Green Spaces initiative. Read on for details of the picturesque yard at the top of the Hill.

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Volume 88
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