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Baylor's Learning Center Provides Extra Resource For Education and Assistance
Orly Berke

The Learning Center was created to help students with their homework, but now has become so much more. It meets with over one hundred kids per day, working on things  ranging from a biology worksheet to finishing a college essay. It creates a workspace for students that is helpful, caring, and judgment free.

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Arts & Culture

The Baylor Dance Collective
Maddy Toledano

The Baylor Dance Collective is proof that the Baylor dance program can foster a lifelong passion for dance. Gathered together by Karen Smith, these Baylor graduates from all different graduating classes are connected by their love of dance. They teach and choreograph together, and work the current Baylor dancers to bring something new to the dancers that also comes from real experience within that program.

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The Golden Globes
Jack Tucker

Despite a big night for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Big Little Lies, the movement behind the recent Hollywood headlines of harassment and sexual misconduct took center stage at the 75th Annual Golden Globe awards.

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Campus News

Global Scholars Program
Ridley Browder

Baylor has many opportunities for its students to become leaders in an ever-changing world. One specific program allows for students to build their own perspective of the world by learning about current events, studying history, and traveling the world. Just what is the global scholars program, and what can you do to get involved?

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Sports News

Faces of Baylor

MLK Day 2018

Baylor students participated in off-campus and on-campus service activities and educational sessions as part of the school's traditional MLK Day On, Monday, January 15.

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