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Zooming through Quarantine
Ibi Esho

"Can you hear me?? Class! Are you paying attention??” Zoom, the iconic video networking app, has been our main source of communication with our teachers and fellow classmates during this time of quarantine, and those classic phrases are only a few examples of what students hear everyday. Keep on reading to find more about Zoom from a student's perspective. 


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Sports News

Challenge Accepted: Staying in Shape During Quarantine
Charlie Han

Here is Coach (Curtis) Blair responding to Profe’s soccer challenge. They are seeing who could keep the soccer ball up for the longest. This can be very difficult, but luckily, Coach Blair is very talented, and he ended up beating Profe Eli Anderson Barrera. This is only one of the many challenges Baylor has done with many more to come. Keep reading to find out more. 

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