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A Look Back, and Ahead, At the Class of 2018 Before They Depart
Abby Freeman

As the Baylor 2017-18 school year comes to a close, the Class of 2018 seniors begin to feel the reality that their last days at Baylor are upon them. Before heading off to a week-long journey on North Carolina camping grounds, they gather on May 21 for the Senior Luncheon at Stratton Hall and Awards Day in the Baylor School Chapel to remember their classmates’ achievements one last time. On June 1, however, their final moments as a class come to a close during the commencement ceremony. While mostly everything seems to be ending, the school year consisted of many accomplishments that will last with the class for years to come.

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Baylor Set to Undergo More Schedule, Curriculum Changes in 2018-19 School Year
Maggie Clark

The 2017-18 school year for Baylor was one for the books: new building, new schedule, new website, new classes—it was undeniably a fresh start. But “new” doesn’t equal perfect, and if you listen to rumors, you’ll know that the school board isn’t quite finished yet. Read on for David Padilla’s confirmed changes to classrooms, schedules, and start times in store for the coming year.

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Casten Whetzell, the Man in the Crane
Nick Daniels

As you now have to circumnavigate around the globe to get from Weeks to Academic, you may have noticed the sizable red crane parked on the bank of the Hill and the other construction toys littering [what was] the Quad. Overlooking campus, Casten Whetzell sits in the cab of the crane. Whetzell operates the crane and begins his 10 minute adventure up the crane as the Dining Hall opens beside him, at 7 a.m. everyday. In a sweat-filled interview, I asked him about the fine details of his job.

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Arts & Culture

Bye Bye Birdie Review
Jack Tucker

The Baylor Players’ April mounting of the acclaimed Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie was a massive success, not only as a showcase for the individual talented performers, musicians, and crew members involved in the production, but as a testament to an outstanding theater program as a whole.

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Campus News

Sports News

Thank You, Coach McMahan
Jared Foshee

The end of an era has come at Baylor School; a legend is retiring. Coach Bill McMahan is retiring after over three decades of service to Baylor School. His legacy of commitment, attitude, and excellence will forever be imprinted at the track, at the football field, at Baylor, and in the greater Chattanooga area.

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