Baylor Faculty and Staff Baylor Fund Gift

Dear Colleagues,

We have all dedicated our lives to the growth of children. Whether you teach, coach, work in the dining hall, the business office, the Health Center, or another area of campus, you chose Baylor because you believe in the next generation. The Baylor Fund supports the legacy of your life’s work, which is why we support the Baylor Fund.

Faculty and staff donations collectively make a significant impact on this year’s Baylor Fund. Being the math teachers that we are, we have crunched the numbers, and we know that our small, monthly pledges given consistently through the years truly do add up! These donations can easily offset tuition costs for a family, provide an update to a classroom, or supply a program with materials.

Please remember that any amount you can give makes a difference. More important than the amount is the opportunity that we have to set an example and lead the way, demonstrating to parents, students, alumni, and trustees the love for Baylor that we all share and the confidence we have in its mission.

We all lead by example. Our call is to live out the Baylor values, practicing gratitude and exhibiting love for the amazing workplace we are fortunate to claim. Please join us in giving, no matter the amount, and continue to #LeadLikeBaylor in all that you do.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Carlton Stewart and Emmie Treadwell
Faculty/Staff Baylor Fund C0-Chairs

Make Your Pledge or Gift Today!

Faculty and staff participation in The Baylor Fund represents our collective commitment to each other as educators and administrators to support our goal of providing an outstanding educational experience to our students. For gifts in memory or in honor of an individual, please indicate details in the field at the bottom of this form. For additional information or assistance, please contact: Janet Hartman, Associate Director of Annual Giving,