The Great Work! Society

The founders and early philanthropists of Baylor School were committed to the Great Work of providing an excellent college preparatory education for young people.

Baylor’s Heritage Society has a new name! Introducing...

Those who knew the late Scotty Probasco ’46, or had the occasion to hear him speak, warmly recall his enthusiastic exclamation of “Great Work!” Scotty’s own Great Work at Baylor included establishing Baylor’s planned giving program more than a quarter century ago. By including Baylor in his long-term estate plans and creating a program for others to do the same, Scotty has ensured that the Great Work of Baylor School will continue for future generations. We are proud to honor his legacy of philanthropy by renaming the former Heritage Society “The Great Work Society.”

Your planned gift to Baylor will provide long-lasting support of Baylor’s Great Work in preparing students to make a positive difference in the world, and honors your own Great Work through a legacy gift.

For more information about making a planned gift to Baylor, please contact

Mattson Lewis ’74, Chief Advancement Officer at (423) 757-2870 or email here.

Scottie Mayfield ’68 Named Chair of the “Great Work!” Society

We are pleased to announce that Scottie Mayfield ’68 will serve as chair of the “Great Work!” Society. Mayfield served three terms as a Baylor School trustee (1990-96; 1998-2004; and 2010-16). He and his wife, Lisa, are the parents of boarding alumni Charles ’92, Mariah ’93, and Michael ‘97.

Reflecting on his friendship with the late Scotty Probasco ‘46, Mayfield said Probasco saw the importance of building Baylor’s endowment by establishing the former Heritage Society. “To honor Scotty’s great commitment to the school, we have renamed his vision for planned giving at Baylor the “Great Work!” Society. The society is comprised of people who have named Baylor in their estate plans. I am honored to chair this important endeavor and hope you will join me in following Scotty’s footsteps to do our own great work for supporting Baylor.”

"Great Work!" Society Members as of November 18, 2019

Mr. James M. Aaron, Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn S. Abshire
Mr. C. Betterton Adams '02
Dr. Charles C. Adams '71
Dr. Mark S. Adams '70
Mr. William P. Aiken, Jr. '68
Mr. J. Frederick Akers '72
Mr. Robert G. Barinowski II '51
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Barks '51
Mr. Claude B. Bass '62
Mrs. Audrey A. Bean
Mr. Charles E. Belina
Mr. Steven B. Bettis '84
Dr. G. Matthew Brock '91
Mr. William C. Brooks '66
Mr. Michael D. Brookshire '82
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Brown, Sr.
Mrs. Zane P. Brown
Mrs. Margaret Brownlow
Mr. Robert C. Bullard '81
Mr. Douglas G. Bullard '73
Mr. and Mrs. H. Eric Burnette '95
Mr. Joel M. Burrow, Sr. '56
Mr. C. Lamar Card '60
Mr. W. Karl Caughman '70
Mr. Chuck Chitty '92
Mrs. Madge L. Clark
Mrs. Sarah M. Close
Mr. Richard E. Collett '54
Mr. Kevin E. Collins '77
Mr. H. Allen Corey '74
Dr. John D. Cranwell '67
Mr. Christopher P. Crimmins '80
Mr. M. Ryan Crimmins '78
Mr. J. Clay Crumbliss '76
Dr. Thomas W. Currey '57
Mr. Frederick G. Currey '49
Mr. Gene M. Cushman '40
Mr. D. Franklin Daniels, Jr. '87
Mr. Joseph H. Davenport III '65
Mr. T. Wayne Davis, Jr. '64
Mr. Wingfield A. Davis, Jr. '57
Mr. Boyd R. Dethero
Dr. Robert E. Dicks III '65
Mr. Douglas M. Dyer '78
Mrs. Lila Jo K. Edwards
Mr. E. Bryant Finison, Jr. '92
Mr. John T. Fisher, Jr. '46
Mr. James R. Fitch '97
Mr. Douglas L. Ford '84
Mr. Tom C. Fraser '69
Mr. Paul K. Frierson '55
Mr. Jerry F. Gay '41
Mr. James R. Gifford '63
Mr. Robert D. Gooch, Jr. '55
Mr. R. Stanley Goodroe '56
Mr. Charles H. Graning '57

Mr. Mitchell S. Hailey '75
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harrison '84
Mr. Don S. Harrison '75
Mr. Eddie J. Hart, Jr. '80
Mr. Jonathan S. Headrick '63
Mrs. Janice C. Henderson
Ms. Nicole M. Hendrix '94
Mr. H. Neel Hipp, Jr. '69
Mr. John S. Holmes III '76
Mr. Thomas H. Hopper '84
Dr. Claire F. Horton
Mr. Mark A. Hudson '78
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hudson III '75
Mr. William R. Ireland, Jr. '75
Mr. William C. Ireland, Jr. '65
Mr. and Mrs. J. Nelson Irvine '59
Mrs. Rebecca Sivils James '97
Mr. W. Randolph James '67
Ms. Toy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Johnson '57
Ms. Lavinia L. Johnston
Mr. Summerfield K. Johnston, Jr. '50
Dr. James E. Jolley II '90
Mr. Steaven K. Jones '50
Mr. Edward M. Jones, Jr. '47
Mr. Arthur R. Kampschafer '49
Mr. S. Roddey Keith '55
Mrs. Evonne Marler Kendle '93
Dr. Dan Kennedy
Mr. W. Benjamin Keyser, Jr. '66
Mrs. Bette D. Lathrop
Mrs. Anita S. Levine
Mr. Mattson D. Lewis '74
Mrs. Lynn H. Lowance
Mrs. Beth M. Lupton
Mr. T. Cartter Lupton II '71
Mr. Miles H. Marks, Sr. '86
Mr. John S. Martin III '70
Mr. Walter Matthews, Jr. '55
Mr. Charles S. Mayfield III '92
Mr. C. Scott Mayfield, Jr. '68
Mrs. Jaime Jedrychowski Melton '94
Mrs. Ann Merklein
Mr. L. D. Miller III '71
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller-Rogers
Mr. John K. Moore, Jr. '90
Dr. E. Timothy Morgan '77
Mr. Donald E. Mudd '76
Mr. Cecil H. Nelson, Jr. '65
Mr. William C. Oehmig '67
Mr. W. Britain Oehmig '66
Mr. George E. Oldham III '56
Mr. James S. Overstreet, Jr. '66
Mr. Richard E. Owens '71
Mr. Carter N. Paden III '71
Mr. Peter L. Palmer '64

Mr. David C. Patten '75
Mr. C. Louis Patten, Jr. '69
Mr. and Mrs. George H. P. Pettway '61
Mr. Edward A. Potts '67
Mr. Benjamin R. Probasco '78
Mr. Scott L. Probasco III '73
Mrs. Scott L. Probasco, Jr.
Mr. G. Leyden Pugh, Jr. '85
Mr. Madison K. Randolph '78
Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Rawlings '71
Mr. Michael A. Rayburn '83
Mr. Ronald A. Ressel, Jr. '68
Dr. William B. Riley, Jr. '59
Mr. J. David Ritter, Jr. '82
Mr. Stuart E. Roberts '79
Ms. Virginia R. Robinson '00
Mrs. Donna F. Robinson
Mr. Robert W. Robinson '68
Mr. Jack B. Sample '63
Mr. Charles B. Shelton III '59
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shoaf III
Mrs. Christine A. Simmons
Mr. Stephen J. Smalling '78
Ms. Charlotte M. Smith '96
Mr. and Mrs. T. Scott Smith '78
Mr. Jason L. Soss '97
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Soss
Ms. Laura W. Speed '92
Dr. Bill W. Stacy and Dr. Sue Stacy
Mrs. Betty S. Stocker
Mr. John A. Stout '79
Dr. George O. Taylor, Jr. '54
The Honorable W. Neil Thomas III '62
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. S. Todd Tindall '80
Mrs. Tiffany E. Townsend '95
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Trohanis
Dr. and Mrs. Craig W. Walker
Mr. Steven T. Walker '72
Mr. Christopher C. Wang '06
Mr. Grey Watson '04
Mr. John G. Webb III '62
Mr. David E. Whelchel '80
Mr. Philip B. Whitaker, Jr. '79
Mr. W. Reynolds Williams '63
Mr. Cranston Williams, Jr. '44
Lt Col Paul G. Willson '69
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Wilson '75
Mr. Albert W. Wilson II '70
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Winchester III '94
Mr. R. Alan Winger '62
Mr. Charles E. Winger '58
Mr. P. Thornton Withers '78
Mrs. Jo Ann C. Yates

Members of the Baylor community and the Probasco family gathered on April 26
to celebrate the renaming of the school’s Heritage Society to the Great Work! Society.

Click here to view a few photos of the event.