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Forever Begins Now

It’s no surprise that “forward” is at the heart of our alma mater. Since 1893, Baylor has led the way in preparing students to achieve extraordinary things in their careers, their communities, and their lives.

We’re not slowing down now. As the world in which our students will launch themselves continues to change, it’s up to us to ensure that Baylor continues to attract the best and brightest minds, and prepare them for a future world we can only imagine.

This is the time. Going forward, we intend to create at Baylor the optimal conditions for innovation, critical thinking, and academic excellence.

Our Campaign Priorities

Academic Center

Our new academic center will lead to dramatic new ways of thinking and learning, and will replace sub-standard classroom spaces currently located in the basements of older buildings.

The Baylor Fund as a Giving Priority

The Forever Forward campaign presents an opportunity to grow The Baylor Fund through increased participation and the gift amount. We hope you will continue your Baylor Fund giving, and will also consider a special gift this year to strengthen Baylor for the future.

Building the Endowment

Without a strong financial foundation, it is virtually impossible for any school to keep up, much less lead the way. A $14 million addition to our endowment will provide a solid base for future initiatives and for continued leadership.

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Naming Opportunities: We have several naming opportunities still available. Click here to find out more.

Help Us Cross the Finish Line!

One year after launching the public phase of the Forever Forward campaign, Baylor has exceeded the goal of $50 million dollars and will continue to actively raise money for the endowment, new academic center, and The Baylor Fund through Dec. 31, 2018. One of the greatest tools for increasing the endowment is through estate planning. Baylor’s Great Work! Society recognizes those who remember Baylor in their long-term estate plans. To learn more about estate planning and the Great Work! Society, email Matt Lewis ’74, chief advancement officer, or call him at (423)757-2870.

Join Us

Together We Will Create the Future at Baylor


  • 2013 - The Forever Forward Campaign leadership committee is created and Zan Guerry '67 is tapped as Campaign Chairman.
  • August 2015 - Guerry Dining Hall renovations are completed with an improved serving area, modernized kitchen, and remodeled main dining area.
  • August 2015 - In addition to interior improvements to the dining hall, an outdoor dining deck is added and and August 2015 - In addition to interior improvements to the dining hall, an outdoor dining deck is critical infrastructure improvements are made on the hill.
  • August 2015 - Improvements are also made to Lowrance, Lupton, and Hunter Hall dormitories.
  • May 2016 - Baylor celebrated 100 Years on The Hill with a gala event in Lupton Circle and the newly renovated Guerry Dining Hall.
  • March 2017 - The advanced gift stage for Forever Forward has raised more than $33 million toward a campaign goal of $50 million.
  • March 2017 - Kickoff of the public phase of the Forever Forward Campaign is announced at Baylor's Celebrations auction.
  • July 5, 2017 - Demolition of Trustee Hall takes place to make room for the new Academic Center.
  • Sept. 20, 2017 - Members of the Probasco family and the Board of Trustees gather for ceremonial groundbreaking in honor of Scotty Probasco ‘46.

Our Leadership Team


Zan Guerry ‘67, Chairman
Herb Barks, Jr. ‘51, Vice-Chair
Chris Crimmins ‘80, Vice-Chair
Ashley McMahon ‘88, Vice-Chair
Ben Probasco ‘78, Vice-Chair
Scott Wilson ‘75, President & Headmaster
Alexis Bogo ‘89
Bob Bullard ‘81
Boofie Crimmins
Ryan Crimmins ‘78
Sam Holmes ‘83
Randy James ‘67
Bubba Morgan
Carla Morgan
Billy Oehmig ’67
Dan Pride ‘87
Scott Probasco ‘73
JoAnn Yates


Clay Crumbliss '76, Co-Chair
Miles Marks '86, Co-Chair
Billy Aiken '68
Freddie Akers '72
John Best '83
Matthew Brock '91
Happy Dicks '65
Lee Dyer '77
Comer Hobbs ’58
Davey Horsman '96
Christie Dillard Horsman ‘97
Jay Jolley ‘90
John Reid ’87
Dale Tuder ‘93
Clay Young '89


Paige and Charles McBrayer, Co-chairs
Carla and Bubba Morgan, Co-chairs
Lisa and David Adair
Alison Edgmon Cromie ’90 and Marc Cromie
Sam and Jimmy Hudson '75
Mike and Nan Jenne
Mary and Bill Kilbride
Marla and Andy McDaniel '94
Pam and Rick McKenney
Jason and Jamie Rehm