Why should I give to Baylor School?

That's a legitimate question and the answer to it is different for just about everyone. Over the years, we've collected some stories that share the motivation and inspiration of some of our most faithful donors.


Ways to Make an Impact

The Baylor Fund


The Baylor Fund represents Baylor's commitment to providing the resources needed for an outstanding educational experience. Click here to know more.

Baylor Backers


The mission of the Baylor Backers is to provide additional financial and program support for the arts and athletic programs at Baylor. Funds raised are directed to “non-budgeted” items that are considered necessary to enhance the student/fan/audience experience.

Capital Gifts

Capital Gifts are larger and generally given over a period of years. Capital gifts support both endowment and capital projects and serve as our "savings account." Capital gifts are vital to the school's ability to maintain it's position in the marketplace by attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty, offering a program which is continually evaluated for its relevance and effectiveness, and providing the funds to attract to students who are appropriate for our mission.

Endowed Funds

The greatest learning institutions are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of their students and faculty. We must continue our commitment to academic excellence by funding merit scholarships, and endowing our teaching faculty. Funding these scholarships will enable us to attract the finest boarding students from around the world, and the faculty endowment will help us put the best teachers in our classrooms. Click here to learn more.

Planned Gifts, The Great Work! Society

Planned gifts take a longer term view. Planned gifts range from life-income gifts, to bequests, to creative arrangements using retirement-plan benefits. Some people choose to make either anoutright or deferred gift of assets such as stocks, bonds, and property. Making a planned gift may allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and, at the same time, benefit from tax advantages or income for a term of years or life. Click here to learn more.