Reading Adventure Camp


This summer camp is unlike any we know of as it treats children to the joy and power of books, reading, authors and writing. Is your child the next famous writer? Does your child love books and reading? If so, this may be their dream camp. We will depart Baylor each morning for a day-trip adventure to top-rated, regional bookshops where staff will be awaiting our arrival. Once there, campers will be treated to the latest new book arrivals, news about upcoming new books, local authors who will speak and interact with the campers and finally from the shop owners themselves. We will also cover the process by which young writers like our campers can become published and examples of other young writers will be explored. This camp is operated as both a day and overnight camp where the group meets in the mornings for the trips and arrives back at Baylor at the end of the day. Campers described this camp last summer as a dream come true!

Ages: 12-16
Dates: June 23-29
Cost: $1,200