Explore Different Boarding Schools


One week, four boarding schools and a lifetime of fun memories await the campers of TBSE. Campers will explore and learn about the benefits of boarding schools and why they are so amazing from students and faculty at each school visited. The entire group of campers will move and visit a different school each day as they receive VIP treatment as visiting guests. There will be no selling or pressure of any type but rather the conversations and tours will be fun and informational and will show and share examples of how residential schools work and how they help students. This camp will also include fun events to wrap up the week and allow new friendships to flourish. The tour will start and finish at Baylor School and TBSE is endorsed by a national group, The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).

Ages: 11-13
Dates: June 23- 29 (Session 1), July 7-13 (Session 2) REGISTRATION CLOSED
Cost: $1,200

Participating Schools

Baylor School | Darlington School | Indian Springs School | Rabun Gap | St Andrew’s Sewanee | The Webb School

A Typical Day

  • Awaken in the host-school dormitory
  • Gather with other attendees and proceed to breakfast/ dining hall
  • Tour grounds and facilities before the heat of the day
  • Fun group activity, some brief down time followed by a relaxed lunch
  • Small group discussion with attending students about what makes boarding so great to them, how they came to consider a boarding school and what factors they were looking for in a school.
  • Depart from current school and travel to new school
  • Welcome, get room assignments, followed by fun group activities
  • Campus tours
  • Afternoon rest, reading and down time in room
  • Dinner on campus
  • Small group discussion by attending students and an admissions staff person about particular aspects that are more unique to this host school and questions
  • Evening programming – small play, outdoor games, swimming, movie, rops course, rec/game room
  • Quiet time for reading/ home-parents check in etc…
  • Lights out

Note: The host schools of each Tour will assist each other with the transportation between the respective campuses and most handovers will occur soon after lunch. Host schools are working together to highlight and educate attending students on the tremendous benefits that boarding schools provide students both in terms of college preparation as well as life skills and mindset. Each host school, together forms the “Cohort” which becomes the stops of the “Tour”.

What Parents Say

"My daughter attended the Boarding School Experience camp last summer and I can’t recommend it enough! It was a fun and safe way to explore boarding school as an option."

"The experience of the summer camp gave our family clarity about next best steps and also gave Sofie an enriching summer experience. The camp was well organized and executed. Top notch!"

"Our daughter attended the Boarding School camp last summer. She noted the strength and feel of the different schools and had the luxury of speaking privately with some of their current and even former students. Our daughter is very excited about attending boarding school in the Fall."