The Engineering Experience

For rising 3rd – 8th graders.

Dates – June 25-29 & July 9 - 13

Campers will begin the week with our exclusive new program that introduces them to the 'magic' of Augmented Reality (AR) taking real-world items and enhancing them with computer generated imagery. Campers will develop their knowledge of Augmented Reality bringing the static world to life and creating content-rich interactive experiences. Talking newspapers, holding a NASA spacecraft in their hand and bringing a lip syncing avatar to life will become their new augmented reality.

Then, campers will take on the role of Crime Scene Investigative Assistant. This camp isn’t about being a gum shoe detective. Campers will learn about gathering fingerprints and what can be seen using a UV light at a crime scene. They will enter the world of chromatography and DNA in the TechStars Crime lab. Campers will use observation skills and facial fitting software to create images of suspects. They will ‘work” a series of cases to ultimately become TechStars Crime Scene Investigators!

Next, campers will get to experience hands on computing with the innovative Micro:bit computer. This is NOT just another coding class, this class is a hands on “build it and create it” class using the Micro:bit, pocket-sized computer. It’s simple to get started with, incredibly versatile and awesomely powerful. Unleash the creative potential of campers while they create emoticon displays, manipulate lights by creating a program that controls hardwire pins, and create a radio group to develop their own version of Morse code and to send coded messages.

Campers will then experience real world coding and become a Pythoneer! They will get a great head start in learning how to code using one of the key programming languages used by professional developers - Python. Tech giants such as Google, NASA and YouTube all use Python in critical applications within their businesses. Now is their chance to learn some real world coding skills while they create amazing graphics, program their own guessing game and debug and hack a program.

But the fun doesn't stop there as we end the week bringing it all together! First we will take our technology skills one step further and use our new coding skills to program our Micro:bit with Python. The Python editor is perfect for those who want to push their coding skills further!

We will then revisit Augmented Reality and use those skills to create and publish our own Augmented Reality content. That content will be photographs and videos of what we have been learning and experiencing all week. After camp, friends and family can download the free app and experience our interactive, engaging content come to life!

All iPads, computers, and applications are provided.

Fees: Day: $500 (after May 15 - $650)

Resident: $1,000 (after May 15 - $1,250)