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Walkabout provides trips each weekend and break for all Baylor students at all skill levels from a day hike on the Cumberland Trail, to trekking in the Himalayas. Walkabout does not assume to know what experience each student "needs" to have on a trip. The leaders provide the opportunity for self-discovery and the chance for students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers. Beyond that, trip content and direction develop according to the changing needs and ambitions of the students.

Annual Freshman Trip

With the addition of boarding students and the transition into upper school, the freshman year is a transitional time in developing relationships with classmates, faculty, and older students. During the Freshman Trip to Camp Alpine in Mentone, Ala., 35 older students guide the freshman class through two days and nights of outdoor adventures and the profound opportunity to relax together. Click here for Freshman Trip information and forms

Annual Senior Trip

The Senior Trip to Camp Chatuga in the mountains of South Carolina, has been the cornerstone of the Walkabout program since the early 1970s. Seniors spend the last seven days of their Baylor careers on a wilderness adventure with their classmates. Ironically, for many, one of their last experiences at Baylor is their first exposure to Walkabout and often one of their most coveted memories. Click here for Senior Trip information and forms.

The "Joe Key Leadership Award" to Maine

The Joe "Sarge" Key Leadership Award is a trip that was created for the purpose of honoring Baylor students of admirable character whose selfless efforts might otherwise go unrecognized by the school or by their peers. Each year a group of students is nominated by their peers and selected to travel (all expenses are paid) to Acadia National Park in Maine for seven days of hiking and sea kayaking in late July. Through this experience, students become aware of the power of their quiet leadership style.

Trekking, Climbing & Kayaking in India

Our adventures in India rotate between rock climbing in the south, kayaking in the north, and trekking in the Himalayan region of Sikkim. Each adventure includes time in the Sikkim Happiness Home, a girl's home in Gangtok, and visits to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples.

Whitewater Kayaking in Panama

Students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish and test their kayaking skills in the rain forests of Panama. This trip is a reward for students' commitment to training on the rivers at home. Students spend ten days in late November kayaking a variety of rivers and becoming aware of conservation issues related to preserving these precious and threatened resources


"My (Tibetan host) family crossed the Himalayas in 1996 to get here... the son was seven-years-old at the time. The man who knew English came over in 2001. He and I spoke also about the cultural and economic situations of Tibetans... getting to hear about it from a Tibetan was an incredible opportunity. One of my favorite things about this area is the sense of family and community."

An email home from Sikkim, India, Steve Callahan '05

"I thought the senior trip was going to be my own little personal hell, to be perfectly honest. But as much as I dreaded it, the backpacking on the first night brought our group together. We stayed up until dawn in the pouring rain, talking and getting to know each other. Throughout the rest of the week, whenever things got tough, we all encouraged each other to keep at it. The trip was amazing because it was really a culmination of six great years at Baylor."

Lindsay Donahue '01

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