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Walkabout Outdoor Program


Connecting Students to the Outdoors

Baylor's Walkabout program connects students to the environment virtually every day of the year and is offered to students in grades 6-12.  A typical afternoon might be spent paddle boarding on the Tennessee River or trail running in Prentice Cooper State Forest. Trips abroad to Panama and India are an annual tradition. 

Shared Adventures & Experiential Learning

One of the keys to Walkabout's success is due to the fact that students get to spend time with their teachers outside of the classroom context. And the leadership of our Walkabout faculty (who teach in Baylor classrooms as well) who are joined by student instructors who teach and share their outdoor passions with their classmates.  This shared adventure builds relationships that enhance the classroom experience. In this way, Walkabout is woven into the fabric of a Baylor education."

Walkabout Trips

Walkabout provides trips each weekend and break for all Baylor students at all skill levels from a day hike on the Cumberland Trail, to trekking in the Himalayas. Walkabout does not assume to know what experience each student "needs" to have on a trip. The leaders provide the opportunity for self-discovery and the chance for students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers. Beyond that, trip content and direction develop according to the changing needs and ambitions of the students.

“Over the past four years, my weekends and breaks have been filled with more Walkabout trips than I can count. I’ve grown to love exploration and have found a deep affinity towards the outdoors. This trip though, has been the ultimate adventure. I got to surf, kayak, hike, and swim in seemingly undisturbed corners of Panama, while also getting glimpse into lives much different than my own.”

What is Walkabout?

Walkabout is Baylor's nationally recognized outdoor program, and is open to all students in grades 6-12. Students involved in Walkabout have the opportunity to rock climb, kayak, or trail run as part of their athletic requirement. Want to do even more? Walkabout offers a variety of outdoor trips each weekend and break

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Experienced Leaders

Walkabout guides are classroom teachers who have a passion for students and teaching in the wilderness. Leaders are trained in wilderness medicine and have years of guiding experience.


Students Leading Students

Walkabout student instructors are chosen for their desire and ability to teach and share their outdoor passions with other students.


After-school Opportunities 

A typical afternoon in Walkabout might be spent paddle boarding on the Tennessee River or trail running in the nearby Prentice Cooper State Forest. 


Weekends and Breaks

Students can get involved in weekend hikes and longer trips over school breaks that include fall hikes in the Smokies, skiing in Utah in the winter, and sea kayaking in South Carolina each spring.


International Adventures

Kayaking trips abroad to Panama and trekking in India are an annual Walkabout tradition. In Panama, students experience challenging kayaking in the rainforest, surfing on the coast, and relaxing in hammocks at the end of the day.


Combine Travel with Service

Students selected for the annual India trip live with Tibetan families, explore Buddhist monasteries, and spend time at Sikkim Happiness Home, where Himalayan children receive education, healthcare, and shelter.