ASSIST Program

ASSIST (Assisting Students with Substance (Issues) In Support and Trust) is an Early Intervention Team, (EIT) made up of 6 faculty members, which was established in 2012 to focus on the over-all health and well-being of our community and to help students avoid situations that could lead to discipline, in regards to alcohol or drug concerns, including vaping.

ASSIST is non-discipline and is designed to express concern, offer help, maintain privacy and protect students. Anyone in the community (parents, faculty, students,) who may have a concern about a student, in regards to alcohol, drug, or vaping issues, may contact one of the ASSIST members and make a referral. A referral is simply an expression of concern and may involve specific details or just general information. A referral cannot be made anonymously, however, the identity of the referral source will not be revealed to the student of concern.

The main message we want to convey to students, is one of support and hope. The over-all goal is for students to feel they are truly part of something bigger, with that something bigger being a healthy community that values them and wants to make sure, as students, they are able to remain a part of this community by making healthy choices, which not only benefit them now, but for their entire lives.

ASSIST consists of 6 faculty members who are nominated by the student body and serve 2-3 year terms. This year’s members are: (pictured, left to right) Curtis Blair, Judy Millener, Beth Gumnick, Heather Ott, Eli Anderson Barrera, and Chris Watkins.

Please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns.