Honors Courses

While all of Baylor’s college preparatory classes are academically rigorous, the school's honors classes cover more material than regular sections and require students to work independently and to pursue greater intellectual challenges. The school offers honors classes in English, mathematics, and science with participants receiving a two-point weighting in the numerical average and GPA calculation.

During the class signup process, teachers make preliminary recommendations of students for next year’s honors classes. They base these decisions on students’ past academic performance, intellectual competence, and their demonstrated desire to pursue challenging work. Students moving from one honors class to another usually need to have attained a grade no less than a B, and students moving from a regular section into an honors class for the first time usually need an A for consideration. A departmental recommendation, in concert with the approval of the class dean, is the primary determinant of honors status. Through a Notice to Parents, the recommending teacher will notify parents of any decision involving a move from one level to another.