Religion at Baylor

At Baylor School we believe that faith is central to every person's life and that the study of religion is an essential part of a complete education. While the majority of Baylor's students and faculty are Christian, all major world religions are represented in the school. We welcome and respect all faiths.

Religious and Ethical Education

We consider it the prerogative of parents to indoctrinate their children in their family's faith tradition. It is the school's job to build character and train students in religious literacy, as a requirement of citizenship and as a means of exploring their own spirituality effectively. Our goal is to help every member of the school community deepen their sense of reverence, ethical discernment, and understanding of their own faith traditions and the traditions of others.

Religious Curriculum

All Baylor students attend a weekly chapel program, which includes lectures, artistic presentations, and declarations of faith from diverse traditions. Eighth graders take a required course in ethics and Holocaust studies. In the Upper School, the academic study of advanced ethics, the Bible and other sacred texts, and the history of world religions are available through elective courses.

Service to Others

A wide range of opportunities for service to others, which for many students is an expression of faith, instills responsibility, initiative, and care. All students pledge to uphold the Honor Code, which is administered by a student-elected honor council, and faculty encourage students to envision ways to respond to the call of Baylor's mission - to make a positive difference in the world.

The Chaplaincy

Baylor's chaplain is an ordained Christian minister who is conversant with all faith traditions and able to provide pastoral care and guidance to all members of the community. The chaplain organizes the weekly chapel program, coordinates voluntary faith groups on campus, facilitates the worship activities of our boarding students, and serves as spiritual mentor for the school community in times of celebration and crisis.

“I have always sought to cultivate congregations where people felt safe to discover their truest selves and ask challenging questions of life and faith,” says Rev. Alex C. Gallimore, who began as chaplain in 2021. “As I learned more about the role of chaplain, I saw myself bringing that same approach to chapel, the classroom, and everywhere the quest for learning, meaning, and service intersect. I’m excited to join the students, faculty, and friends of Baylor School as we walk that journey together.”

Rev. Gallimore and his wife, Allison, live on campus with their three sons, Abram, Archie, and Allston. The couple says they love exploring new places and look forward to embracing what Baylor and the Chattanooga community have to offer. “We feel that God is giving us this opportunity to be integrated into the life of the school."




Rev. Alex Gallimore has served as senior minister for Bayshore Baptist Church (Tampa, Fla.) and Hester Baptist Church (Oxford, N.C.), and associate pastor and minister to youth at Piney Grove Baptist Church (Mount Airy, N.C.). He earned his M.Div. from Wake Forest School of Divinity in 2012, and a B.A. in religious studies from Georgia State University.

Contact Chaplain Gallimore
423-267-8506, Ext. 204



Religious Roundtable: An interfaith group of upper school students and faculty who bring together people with diverse religious perspectives to learn from each other and to address religious and spiritual issues.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): FCA members are encouraged in their walk of faith by attending a short Bible study and prayer time each week.

Young Life: Young Life is a non-denominational, Christ-centered outreach ministry for Upper School students. Click here to learn more.

WyldLife: WyldLife, Young Life for grades 6-8, is run by adult and high school volunteer leaders who are committed to encouraging kids in their faith in Jesus Christ and providing a meaningful, positive atmosphere for students to have fun. Click here to learn more.