Episode Two- Stories in the Soil

On this episode, we’ll unearth just what makes our campus location at the mouth of the Tennessee River Gorge so special. Join us as we tour the expansive grounds with Victor McClure (2:04), follow students around Baylor’s 692 acres as they identify trees for the "Trees of Baylor" project (7:30), hear from retired faculty member Bill Tatum and current history teacher James Scott (‘00) as they consider the legacy of the indigenous cultures that called this campus home for thousands of years (9:00), get our hands dirty with Anika Iqbal (’20) and Dr. Robin Fazio (’92) in the school’s organic garden (15:22), consider the best view on campus with Carson Steele (’21) and students on the quad, and, finally, take a trip down the river with Angela Langevin and the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (22:40).

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Learn more about the “Trees of Baylor” project here

Hear more about the Eastern white pine tree, one of many tree species located on Baylor’s campus and featured in the “Trees of Baylor” project.

An extra special "QuadPod" exclusive! Juniors Spratt Allison ('22), Olivia Hankins ('22), and Jack Smith ('22)—students in Chiann Tsui’s AP German language course—put their skills to the test as they read "Wenn etwas mir vom Fenster fällt" ("When Something Falls from my Window") and an excerpt from "Letters to a Young Poet" by the great Bohemian-Austrian poet, Rainer Maria Rilke. This should be considered a coda for episode 2, "Stories in the Soil."