Episode three - One house, One campus

Welcome to the latest episode of The Quadpod, a podcast highlighting life at Baylor. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni, and families meet, the Quadpod brings you stories from all angles, told by many voices. On this episode, students look at how Baylor’s community is responding to social outcries for justice in the wake of the many protests against racially motivated violence that erupted this past summer. This episode is hosted by Couriyah Stegall '22 and features interviews with head of school Scott Wilson '75 and Baylor's first African American graduate, Monty Bruell '79. The episode concludes with a moderated discussion among current students (Evan Haynie, KD Hill, and Couriyah Stegall) and Tawambi Settles, Baylor's director of diversity and inclusion. This episode was produced entirely by the students. #Quadversations

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Faculty member Mike Kelly, Baylor students Fatima Sohani ’22 and Couriyah Stegall '22, and Monty Bruell ’79 working on an episode of the Quadpod in Felder Forbes.