Episode Four - Keeping it Local

Welcome to another episode of the “Quadpod,” a podcast highlighting life at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni, and families meet, we bring you stories from all angles, told by many voices. On this episode, we look at how Baylor is involving itself in our local community through civic engagement and the Harris-Stanford Honors program. First (2:30), we hear from the director of the program, Jaime Melton ('94), as well as the director of strategic initiatives, Emmie Treadwell, about their leadership work with students this year (9:40), and then we follow up with three of the program's students as they discuss the importance of civil discourse (11:40) during this divisive year in American politics (Rosa Anderson-Barrera '21, Creighton Arrington '21, and Brett Cooper '22). Finally, we hear a series of interviews Harris-Stanford students conducted with Baylor alumni and friends who are involved in the upcoming city elections. Specifically, we hear Blair Mard ('05) talk about her work for the Kim White for Mayor campaign (17:00), Baylor parent Thomas Lee discuss his run for district 2 of the city council (24:00), Ken Hays ('72) about his ambitions for district 7 of the city council (29:45), Andy Berke ('86) on what’s special about this year’s mayoral race (37:10), and then hear two of the mayoral candidates, (44:00) Tim Kelly ('85) and (51:40) Monty Bruell ('79), talk about their respective visions for the city. Each conversation is introduced by the honors student who conducted the interview.

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