Episode One: Flexible Thinking in the Time of Covid-19

In this episode, we’ll take you on a journey, beginning with the first few days of school and extending through to the end of September. Join Libby May (’22) as she checks in with students and faculty out on the quad about how they are feeling about the upcoming school year (2:30); listen to Nell Smith (’21) interview Headmaster Scott Wilson (’75) and Assistant Head of School Shaw Wilson about the difficult logistical challenges involved in the return (4:48); follow seniors out to the quad as they don their red blazers for the first time (13:04); see how the band and theatre programs are adjusting to the new restrictions presented by the pandemic (17:27); hear Steven Yao’s report on two student athletes and how the virus has affected the NCAA recruitment process; and, finally, get a little nostalgic with Kailee Johnson (’21) out on the quad as the community looks back on what they miss about “normal” times. Listen and discover what ties us together as a community.

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