The final episode of season two highlights six "personal projects" from the audio journalism elective at Baylor.  First, we hear from Nathan Andreotti ('23).  Nathan interviews his parents, Marcio Andreotti and Marcia Ulinski, about their decision to leave Brazil for the US and begin a new life right here in Chattanooga, TN.  Next, we join Halden Williams ('22), Vivi Christopoulos ('23), and Autumn Phillips ('24) to discuss the evolution of the girls wrestling team at Baylor.  Next, Gaston Carmichael ('22) interviews his father, Alan Carmichael ('82), about following his childhood passion for baseball all the way to the pros.  Then, Weston Carico ('22) interviews his father, Trey Carico ('91), about their shared love of rafting and paddling the southeast’s great rivers and what being on the water has taught them along the way.  Next, Abagail Bailey ('23) brings us a unique audio drama about the final eight minutes before the end of the world.  Finally, Alexis Janosz ('22) delivers the story of Kevin Murphey, a family friend whose world came crashing down at an early age.  Escaping a rough childhood of abuse and neglect, Kevin learned to fight off the demons in his life with a steadfast faith and a sense of gratitude for even the hardest lessons.  In between these stories, we hear excerpts from several peer interviews conducted in the audio journalism class.  These conversations feature Owen Trainor ('23), Bridger Knee ('22), Sheldon McKnight ('22), Jasper Bulley ('22), Alexis Janosz ('22), and William Duncan ('22).  We conclude the episode with a special outro dedicated to the senior class of 2022.  This episode is hosted by Mike Kelly and was recorded at the Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN.