On this episode, we explore the Baylor boarding experience, both from the perspective of several current boarding students and from the dorm parents, past and present, who care for them.  First, we go through a typical day as a boarder with Jasper Bulley ('22).  Then, we sit down with English faculty member and dean of 9th and 10th grade residential life, Takisha Haynie, and her son, Evan Haynie ('23), to discuss what it’s been like to call Baylor home for over 20 years.  Next, we join Bridger Knee ('22) as he walks the halls of Lupton during the evening to see what students are up to during the nighttime hours.  Then, we visit the dining hall to catch up with a group of current faculty children about what they like about growing up on campus and what their dining hall favorites are.  Following that, we sit down with former legendary Baylor basketball coach and current assistant dean of students, Austin Clark, and his son, Jordan Clark ('09), to talk about Jordan’s formative years growing up on campus and how they shaped who he is today.  Then, we spend a Saturday in Lupton with Henry Doering ('22) and his dorm “parent” Jesse Young to discover what weekends are like on campus.  Finally, we head out to the quad with William Duncan ('22) and Emma Thompson ('22) for a final word on what boarders like best about calling Baylor home.  This episode is hosted by Alexis Janosz ('22) and Nathan Andreotti ('23) with studio recording by Sheldon McKnight ('22).  

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