On this episode, we’re going to do a little time traveling.  First, we go back to 1985 with Jasper Bulley (’22) and Scott Wilson (’75), former head of school and, back in 85, head of admissions at Baylor, to get the backstory on Baylor’s decision to go co-ed.  Then, Gaston Carmichael (’22) and Alexis Janosz (’22) sit down with Barry and Alexis Bogo (class of 85’ and 89’ respectively) to get a glimpse from the student perspective of Baylor’s transition to a co-ed institution.  Next, we go back even further with Emma Thompson (’22) and Baylor world language instructor Kenneth Parks to hear the story of a true female pioneer on Baylor’s campus, the first full-time female faculty member, Madame Scheni, who began her teaching career at Baylor in 1962.  Finally, we travel back to the future with Lis Cortes ('22), or, I guess, the present, and hear from four female faculty members—Betsy Carmichael, Kristin Vines, Priscilla Birdsall, and Takisha Haynie—who exemplify all the good that was gained by adding women at Baylor.  This episode is hosted by Halden Williams (’22) and Gail Bailey (’23) with studio recording by Hinton Stefaniuk (’23).  A special "thank you" to everyone that participated in this episode, especially Baylor faculty member Cecily Honeycutt, who provided the inspiration for telling these stories.

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