Young adults today face numerous challenges as they move along the path to becoming successful adults.  Here at Baylor, we live by the motto: Amat Victoria Curam (Victory Loves Care).  On this episode, we will explore key services that Baylor provides for students to help them navigate the academic and social pressures of their daily lives.  In addition, we will hear two incredible stories of resilient individuals who overcame unique hardships and learn just how they beat the odds and forged a path to victory.  First, Gail Bailey ('23) sits down with Kathy Fraley, head of the counseling center, to talk about the center’s purpose in the community. Next, Sheldon McKnight ('22) interviews Jennifer Averbeck, director of the learning center, about this popular hub for academic support.  Then, Gaston Carmichael ('22) speaks with ultra-marathoner and author, Dion Leonard, about his life-changing encounter in the Gobi desert in China.  And finally, senior Halden Williams ('22) gets the backstory from Baylor student Hannah Turner ('22) about her battle with cancer and how she overcame a challenging junior year with the support of friends, family, and a healthy mindset.  This episode is hosted by Lis Cortes ('22) and Will Duncan ('22) with studio recording by Jasper Bulley ('22).

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