On this episode, we highlight stories of students and faculty who are truly living the Baylor mission to make a positive difference in the world. First, senior Brett Cooper '22 sits down with senior Adelle Pritchard '22 to talk about how her Southside restaurant combines a love for crepes and community. Next, senior Dacorian Jones-Montgomery '22 gets the backstory on the Taraloka foundation from founder and Baylor faculty member, Tim Williams. Then, senior Watson Brown '22 speaks with Shaw Wilson '84, assistant head of school, about the legacy of John Harrison ’84 and a new student award being given in his name. Next, junior John Emendorfer '23 sits down to interview Marguerite Pippenger '23, this year's recipient of the award, about her plans for supporting a local cause with the award’s monetary gift. Finally, senior David Danquah '22 interviews new faculty member Keelah Jackson about using the arts to build community and Baylor’s after-school tutoring program, RESPECT. This episode is hosted by seniors Lizzie Hill '22 and Ethan Wright '22, with studio sound recording by junior Grace Henderson '23.

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Taraloka foundation: www.taraloka.org


John Harrison Magnanimitas Award


John Harrison '84 speaks in chapel