On this episode, we will dive into some unique Baylor codes and customs. First, senior and chairman of the honor council, Brett Cooper '22 speaks with faculty advisor to the council, Elin Bunch '09 about the legacy and tradition of the honor code here at Baylor, and then Brett sits down with senior David Danquah '22 to answer some questions of his own about his time with the council. Next, we explore the history of the "Round Table,” a longstanding organization at Baylor devoted to the discussion of literature, with senior Kye Hamilton '22 and past and present moderators of the table, including Bill Cushman '59, Jim Stover, and Heather Ott. Finally, junior Dalton Restelli '23 speaks with Austin Clark and Shaw Wilson '84 about bringing the tradition of wearing the Red Blazers back to Baylor.

As a bonus, see the attached pictures of the original Round Table gavel, ledger, and the three volumes of minutes covering its 80-year history.

Kye Hamilton ('22) interviewing Heather Ott, the current faculty adviser to the Round Table. The "minutes" picture includes the three volumes of minutes from 1942-2021. The Ledger has all of the members listed from 1942 to the present. The gavel is the original gavel from 1942.