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Welcome to "The Quadpod," a podcast highlighting life at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni and families meet, we bring you stories from all angles, told by many voices. Listen here, or simply search for the Baylor Quadpod online or wherever you get your podcasts.

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On this episode, we highlight stories of students and faculty who are truly living the Baylor mission to make a positive difference in the world. First, senior Brett Cooper '22 sits down with senior Adelle Pritchard '22 to talk about how her Southside restaurant combines a love for crepes and community. Next, senior Dacorian Jones-Montgomery '22 gets the backstory on the Taraloka foundation from founder and Baylor faculty member, Tim Williams. Then, senior Watson Brown '22 speaks with Shaw Wilson '84, assistant head of school, about the legacy of John Harrison ’84 and a new student award being given in his name. Next, junior John Emendorfer '23 sits down to interview Marguerite Pippenger '23, this year's recipient of the award, about her plans for supporting a local cause with the award’s monetary gift. Finally, senior David Danquah '22 interviews new faculty member Keelah Jackson about using the arts to build community and Baylor’s after-school tutoring program, RESPECT. This episode is hosted by seniors Lizzie Hill '22 and Ethan Wright '22, with studio sound recording by junior Grace Henderson '23.

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Episode 10 - Community codes & customs

On this episode, we will dive into some unique Baylor codes and customs. First, senior and chairman of the honor council, Brett Cooper ('22), speaks with faculty advisor to the council, Elin Bunch ('09), about the legacy and tradition of the honor code here at Baylor, and then Brett sits down with senior David Danquah ('22) to answer some questions of his own about his time with the council. Next, we explore the history of the "Round Table,” a longstanding club at Baylor devoted to the discussion of literature, with senior Kye Hamilton ('22) and past and present moderators of the table, including Bill Cushman ('59), Jim Stover, and Heather Ott. Finally, junior Dalton Restelli ('23) speaks with Austin Clark and Shaw Wilson ('84) about bringing the tradition of wearing the Red Blazers back to Baylor.

As a bonus, see the attached pictures of the original Round Table gavel, ledger, and the three volumes of minutes covering its 80-year history.

Episode 9 - Finding the Spirit in Spirit Week

On this episode, we highlight the spirit in "spirit week," not just surrounding the Friday night lights, but the other people and activities that bring our Baylor community together. You will not only learn more about the spirit that you know and love, but also the spirit that you may not have come to appreciate. First, John Emendorfer (’23) and Ethan Wright (’22) ask students around campus what they are most looking forward to during this year's spirit week. Then, DaCorian Jones-Montgomery ('22), prefect from Lupton Hall, sits down with residential life dean Steve Margio ('91) to give some history and firsthand insight into the preparation behind the dorm competition known as "skit night." Next, Lizzie Hill ('22) talks to some of Baylor’s finest cheerleaders about where they get their spirit from. Grace Henderson ('23) interviews Baylor's new chaplain, Reverend Alex Gallimore, on what spirit means to him. And finally, Reese Hullander ('23) and Watson Brown ('22) feature the story behind the smiles and waves of Baylor legend Ms. Hattie. This episode is hosted by Brett Cooper ('22) and Kye Hamilton ('22).

Episode Eight - New Beginnings

Welcome to Season Two! On this episode, we explore new beginnings. Lizzie Hill ('22) and Reese Hullander ('23) visit a 6th-grade class to learn what students are most excited about in starting their Baylor careers. We get to know two of our international boarding students, Jakub Ucieszynski ('24), who hails from Poland and is attending school in the US for the first time, and David Danquah ('21), a fourth-year boarding student from Ghana. The two discuss what it's like to be so far from their respective cultures, and how they have found a new home at Baylor. Ethan Wright ('22) and John Emendorfer ('23) catch up with Mike Kinney, coach of the varsity baseball team, and his son Cooper Kinney ('21), about an exciting new chapter in their lives as Cooper begins a career in professional baseball. Brett Cooper ('21) sits down with Chris Angel ('89), the new head of Baylor School, to discuss his joyous return to our campus and his dream for Baylor's present and future. And finally, Watson Brown ('22) and Dalton Restelli ('23) visit the quad to learn what seniors are hoping to try before their time as Baylor students comes to a close. This episode is hosted by DaCorian Jones-Montgomery ('22) and Grace Henderson ('23). Students in the audio journalism elective produced and edited the episode, with additional audio recording and sound design by Kye Hamilton ('22).

Episode Seven - Crazy Love

On this episode, we celebrate the tenure and legacy of Scott Wilson '75, who has served our school as headmaster for the past 12 years. First, we start by speaking with Susan Collins, Scott’s assistant during those years, and someone who knows him as well as anybody. Next, we sit down with Matt Lewis '74, who offers us a perspective on Scott’s legacy and the transformative effect his fundraising efforts have brought to the campus during his tenure, and finally, recent graduate Orly Berke '21 gives Scott his exit interview. Interspersed, we’ll hear some highlights from Scott’s final speech to the student body and well wishes from some of his closest friends and supporters. Listen and discover what ties us together as a community.

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Episode SIX - Birding at baylor

On this episode, we tell the remarkable story of how freshman Luke Thompson '24 became one of the top birding experts in our region and established Baylor's campus as the premiere location for birding in the state. First we speak with Susan Wilson (wife of headmaster Scott Wilson '76), an avid birder herself who took Luke under her proverbial wing when he was just a shy sixth grader with an interest in birds. Then we speak with Kevin Calhoun, curator of forests at the Tennessee Aquarium and one of the leading bird experts in the state about his friendship with Luke and what makes Baylor such a unique location for birding. Finally, we head out on campus with Luke himself in an attempt to discover how this unassuming young man has almost single-handedly made Baylor the center of the birding world in Tennessee.

Episode Five - Faith & Friends

Every year, we have the difficult task of saying goodbye to faculty and staff who are beginning that new chapter in life we call retirement. Such is the case this year for Dan Scott, who has faithfully served as our chaplain since 2003. On this episode of the quadpod, we take a tour through the decades with Bill Cushman (’59) as we seek to understand the chaplaincy at Baylor and how it has evolved over the years (1:20), we speak with assistant headmaster Shaw Wilson (’84) about what the school is looking for in hiring its next chaplain (17:20), and finally we speak with Dan himself about his time at Baylor (24:40). Nestled between the interviews are some special readings and tributes to Dan featuring familiar voices. Senior Harrison Williams '21 composed the music for this episode (with the exception of the final track).

Episode Four - Keeping it Local

Welcome to another episode of the “Quadpod,” a podcast highlighting life at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni, and families meet, we bring you stories from all angles, told by many voices. On this episode, we look at how Baylor is involving itself in our local community through civic engagement and the Harris-Stanford Honors program. First (2:30), we hear from the director of the program, Jaime Melton ('94), as well as the director of strategic initiatives, Emmie Treadwell, about their leadership work with students this year (9:40), and then we follow up with three of the program's students as they discuss the importance of civil discourse (11:40) during this divisive year in American politics (Rosa Anderson-Barrera '21, Creighton Arrington '21, and Brett Cooper '22). Finally, we hear a series of interviews Harris-Stanford students conducted with Baylor alumni and friends who are involved in the upcoming city elections. Specifically, we hear Blair Mard ('05) talk about her work for the Kim White for Mayor campaign (17:00), Baylor parent Thomas Lee discuss his run for district 2 of the city council (24:00), Ken Hays ('72) about his ambitions for district 7 of the city council (29:45), Andy Berke ('86) on what’s special about this year’s mayoral race (37:10), and then hear two of the mayoral candidates, (44:00) Tim Kelly ('85) and (51:40) Monty Bruell ('79), talk about their respective visions for the city. Each conversation is introduced by the honors student who conducted the interview.

Episode three - One house, One campus

Welcome to the latest episode of The Quadpod, a podcast highlighting life at Baylor. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni, and families meet, the Quadpod brings you stories from all angles, told by many voices. On this episode, students look at how Baylor’s community is responding to social outcries for justice in the wake of the many protests against racially motivated violence that erupted this past summer. This episode is hosted by Couriyah Stegall '22 and features interviews with head of school Scott Wilson '75 and Baylor's first African American graduate, Monty Bruell '79. The episode concludes with a moderated discussion among current students (Evan Haynie, KD Hill, and Couriyah Stegall) and Tawambi Settles, Baylor's director of diversity and inclusion. This episode was produced entirely by the students. #Quadversations

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Episode Two- Stories in the Soil

On this episode, we’ll unearth just what makes our campus location at the mouth of the Tennessee River Gorge so special. Join us as we tour the expansive grounds with Victor McClure (2:04), follow students around Baylor’s 692 acres as they identify trees for the "Trees of Baylor" project (7:30), hear from retired faculty member Bill Tatum and current history teacher James Scott (‘00) as they consider the legacy of the indigenous cultures that called this campus home for thousands of years (9:00), get our hands dirty with Anika Iqbal (’20) and Dr. Robin Fazio (’92) in the school’s organic garden (15:22), consider the best view on campus with Carson Steele (’21) and students on the quad, and, finally, take a trip down the river with Angela Langevin and the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (22:40).

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Episode One: Flexible Thinking in the Time of Covid-19

In this episode, we’ll take you on a journey, beginning with the first few days of school and extending through to the end of September. Join Libby May (’22) as she checks in with students and faculty out on the quad about how they are feeling about the upcoming school year (2:30); listen to Nell Smith (’21) interview Headmaster Scott Wilson (’75) and Assistant Head of School Shaw Wilson about the difficult logistical challenges involved in the return (4:48); follow seniors out to the quad as they don their red blazers for the first time (13:04); see how the band and theatre programs are adjusting to the new restrictions presented by the pandemic (17:27); hear Steven Yao’s report on two student athletes and how the virus has affected the NCAA recruitment process; and, finally, get a little nostalgic with Kailee Johnson (’21) out on the quad as the community looks back on what they miss about “normal” times. Listen and discover what ties us together as a community.

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