Our Dorms

Our boarding students have access to amazing facilities across campus. We have an Olympic size indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a rock climbing gym, a music performance room, a pottery studio, a theater, darkrooms, a dance studio, labs, a golf center, tennis center, sports fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a cardio room, weight room, and track. Our Student Center is a popular spot, complete with large screen television, pool tables, comfy couches and a snack bar that serves up Starbucks, burgers, smoothies, and assorted snacks.

Harrison Hall - LEED certified Harrison Hall is a visible example of Baylor’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Conveniently located on top of the hill directly across from the dining hall and student center, this male dorm features a comfortable meeting room with an adjacent stone patio and two spacious apartments for dorm parents. Each main living area has a student lounge with comfortable seating and a plasma television.

Hunter Hall - Located on the top floor of the administrative building, Hunter Hall is one of our female dorms. It offers the best of both worlds - the charm and character of an older building combined with the modern features of a recent renovation. A team of experienced dorm parents provide a strong support system and a nurturing environment. Opportunities in the dorm include community service, social events, and tutoring. Leadership opportunities within the dorm include the Prefect system, Dorm Council, and Dorm Representatives for Student Council and the Honor Council.

Lowrance Hall - Built in 1990, Lowrance Hall is one of three girls dorms. Each of the four floors has comfortable double and single rooms. The large open lobby creates a warm, homey atmosphere. This area of the dorm offers a separate TV room and small computer room. Small private study rooms are found on both the second and fourth floors. Four family apartments provide the girls with adult supervision and care. Balconies overlooking the river provide space for social gatherings and private moments for students and faculty families.

Lupton Hall - A traditionally close-knit community, Lupton Hall is home for approximately 44 male boarding students and seven faculty families. Lupton Hall is the oldest dorm on campus. Lupton is known for the collegial atmosphere among its students and faculty, and Luptonites who have graduated often return to visit faculty and undergraduate friends. Lupton provides leadership opportunities for six to eight boys each year.

Probasco Hall - With six faculty families, two dogs, and one brave cat, Probasco Hall is home for approximately 34 young men who live and learn in a familial environment that fosters scholarship and citizenship. Veteran dorm parents target academic support, wellness, and participation with assistance from peer tutors and members of the Dorm and Prefect Councils. Located adjacent to the Dining Hall and Student Center, the dorm is only a few steps away from meals and additional entertainment. "Probascotians" are well known for cookouts on the patio and mud football on the lower fields.

Riverfront Hall - Aptly named, Riverfront Hall overlooks the Tennessee River, with breathtaking views of Williams Island and the surrounding mountains. It is currently home to approximately 20 girls, as well as four members of Baylor's dorm faculty. The beautiful two-story Tudor style building includes a game room for group activities, and a den on each floor for students to relax in. In addition to a study area on both floors, each room has a private study area. The two family apartments on the upper floors include a large porch and are popular gathering spots for students and faculty.

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