Annie Dethero '17

My relationship with [my teachers] is not just in the classroom. They also help me as I grow in my personal life.

A nine-year veteran of summer camp at Camp Illahee in Brevard, N.C., Annie was pretty certain that leaving home in Florence, Ala. to attend boarding school was not only something she could do, but something she wanted to do. Annie's father, Brad, was a boarder at Baylor (class of 1985) and had been telling her stories of his experiences, helping her even further along in her consideration of boarding during high school.

After looking at other boarding schools, Annie chose Baylor, with perhaps a little push from dad, because of its beautiful natural surroundings and because Baylor had "the happiest students." She also wanted to play tennis and was impressed with the Baylor tennis program.

Annie enjoys boarding because it allows her to live with all her best friends, knowing that she can go to those friends for support at any time. "And I have great dorm parents to look after me," she smiles. She also takes advantage of the various opportunities that Baylor affords, like the exchange program that took her to Australia for eight weeks.

A serious student, Annie appreciates the fact that so many of her teachers live on campus, allowing for extra academic help and, more importantly, allowing a special bond to be formed. "My relationship with them is not just in the classroom," she says. "They also help me as I grow in my personal life."


  • Annie is a dormitory prefect.
  • Annie serves on the Baylor Honor Council.
  • Annie's father, Brad, graduated from Baylor in 1985, the year before Baylor embraced co-education.