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The Armstrongs

I can't imagine a better living situation than having Baylor's campus as our 'back yard.'

Ryan Armstrong came to Baylor in 2012 and moved his young family into Hunter Hall, where he serves as a dorm parent. During the day he is an associate in the Baylor Admissions department. Ryan also has been a middle school football and baseball coach, which fills up many of his afternoons.

Ryan enjoys the relationships he develops with the boarding students - learning about their home towns, extracurricular interests, and future goals. "Advising and connecting with students helps get a pulse for what it's like to go to school here. As a result, I feel I can paint a much better picture of life at Baylor for the prospective families I work with."

Ryan's wife, Alisha, (Baylor class of 1999) and sons Canon and Cruz also love being part of the larger Baylor family and Ryan says they are thankful to be surrounded by an outstanding community of faculty, staff and students. "I feel extremely lucky to be raising my family on Baylor's campus. I think my children will see and learn to appreciate the value of education, especially how it's demonstrated at Baylor. I can't imagine a better living situation than having Baylor's campus as our 'back yard.' Having 35 babysitters within 200 feet isn't bad either."

Profile on the Armstrongs

  • Ryan played football, basketball, and baseball throughout high school in his native Whitman, Mass., just south of Boston, and is a huge Boston Red Sox fan.
  • He also played both football and baseball at Middlebury College, where he earned his BS in American studies.
  • Ryan's wife, Alisha, graduated from Baylor in 1999.
  • Canon was born in 2012 and Cruz came along in 2014.